Tuesday 2 October 2018

Quick Update re Venue

I am very close to finalizing a proper venue for the club. I had a few rejects from school facilities since they already have chess clubs and somehow were not very interested in allowing the Gambiteers any space to use their facilities. In fact at Chadbourne I faced some unnecessary hostility by the office clerk who manages facility use. But I understand their position and no harm no foul!

I will post an update with our next club meetup very soon. With everything needed to be done, it may be the weekend after this one, just wanted to give all of you a headsup.

The good news is - I have already ordered chess sets for the club and they are on their way, t-shirt sizes for Gambiteer young champs will be needed soon so keep an eye out for a form that I will post here to collect that info.


  1. If there is a what's app group for the chess group, can you please add me? We missed the sep 21 meeting as we were out of town, gave not heard anything on this yet so wondering if I am missing out on some progress.. thanks..

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