Thursday 6 September 2018

So you want to join the Fremont Gambiteers, now what?

A brief introduction to the chess club is necessary. I named it the Gambiteers.

A play on the word Gambit which is a calculated sacrifice you make in chess to gain an advantage. This club is a gambit - a gambit of time and effort for everyone involved, a gambit for you parents who trust me to teach some chess and life skills to your kids. Hopefully, it turns out to be of some value in the long run. I know I will try and give my 100%.

Here are some important housekeeping details to think about before you decide to join, so please read carefully (important sections highlighted) :

(1) Gambiteers does not compete with any local school or community chess club. If you are affiliated with one or care deeply about a specific club, all power to you and I wish you all the very best.

(2) The club is and always will be free, period. I will never expect or ask any family to spend a dime to send their children to Gambiteers. If needed I will raise funds to keep the club running. Initially, it will be funded fully by me and some sponsors (which I hope to find).

(3) I enjoy working with kids who are absolute beginners. No prior experience is necessary to attend the club. I taught both my kids (6 and 8) chess from scratch this summer. All I ask for is love for the game and a passion to succeed. As we journey along, both these skills will develop along with concentration, problem-solving and general cognitive ability. Adults who are interested are equally welcome.

(4) Depending on the interest and total signups, we may need to find a suitable place to meet so I will start worrying about it once I know the final count - I am expecting around 20-25 participants based on the initial response. If you have suggestions, please let me know.

(5) Siblings are very welcome, so if you have an older kid planning to join, please think about bringing along your younger one(s).

(6) I am not licensed for daycare or any caregiving whatsoever, nor do I wish to get sued for trying to care for young kids without a proper permit. So unless I figure out the logistics otherwise, all kids attending will need a parent to accompany them to the club meetups and remain on premises for the entire duration of the meetup.

(7) Enrollment Data - By submitting the following data, you are consenting to my using this for the club's administrative and coaching purposes. I don't sell, distribute or share your personal information with any 3rd party. If I need to share any info, I will always ask for your written permission before doing so.

I ask every parent who wants to enroll to send me the following details :

  1. Name of player
  2. Zip Code (To uniquely identify in case of same names)
  3. Age
  4. Parent Contact #
  5. Level of Chess exposure (choose one of the below)
    1. Want to learn - no experience
    2. Somewhat familiar
    3. Know the moves
    4. Intermediate
    5. I can hold my own

This will help me focus attention on the needs of similarly skilled players by grouping by their current skillset.

Email me the enrollment info - radribnar (AT) gmail (DOT) com

(8) Once I get all the player signup data collected, I will post the first meetup venue and timing.

(9) Important Club Contact and Support Info

Email - radribnar (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Twitter - @gambiteers (preferred and quicker way to keep in touch)

Email or tweet your questions and I will respond.

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