Sunday 16 September 2018

The Gambiteers Roster is taking shape

Dear Gambiteers,

Thank you so much for the really positive response to my call for creating a chess club.

I have now 28 kids who have signed up so far via email based on the details I asked for here.

If you are still interested in joining, please send me the details so I can add you to the list. Sending me the email also confirms that you have read the ground rules, and consent to me using the data for administrative purposes.

The signups will CLOSE and the club roster will freeze on 21st Sept 2018 after our first meetup.

Here is the list of Gambiteers so far, in the order, they have signed up.

  1. Vishnu D
  2. Tanish P
  3. Kian A
  4. Aayan S
  5. Saanvi P
  6. Samreen S
  7. Aafreen S
  8. Rian S
  9. Aniket M
  10. Shivsai S
  11. Arushi M
  12. Aneeka R
  13. Agyey U
  14. Aarav U
  15. Shaurya G
  16. Srijan K
  17. Sharmi K
  18. Vihaan S
  19. Arsh J
  20. Trisha J
  21. Daniyal S
  22. Lauren
  23. Victor K
  24. Musa H
  25. Siya R
  26. Arjun R
  27. Ashwika J
  28. Krishav J
If you have sent me the signup details and do not see your child here, please contact me via email or DM on twitter and I will take care of that. You can also use the handy contact form on the right-hand pane of this blog.

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